Quiet Title Complaint in Indiana

Where’d that come from?

You’re all set to sell your home: you’ve hired a great realtor; you’ve staged the house nicely; you’ve put on a fresh coat of paint. Things go exactly as planned, and an offer comes in. The process gets started, and the Title Company runs a Title Search on the property. Lo and behold, a judgment lien shows up on the Title Search! This is news to you. You thought you owned the property free and clear. What are you to do? The seller wants a warranty deed from you, not a quit-claim deed. For today’s purposes, all you need to know is that you cannot provide said warranty deed without clear title, which you don’t currently have as a result of the judgment lien.

Not playing ball

You contact the party with the judgment lien, but she isn’t willing to play ball. She declares that the lien is valid and that you have to pay up before she is willing to release the lien. You disagree; you think the lien is bogus. One of your options is to file a Quiet Title Complaint. You name the party with the judgment lien as a defendant, declare to the court that this party does not have an interest in your property, and ask the court to rule as such. The other party is served with your lawsuit, has her day in court, and hopefully (for your sake) loses. Now you can sell the property via warranty deed.

Drape color

There’s, of course, a lot more to it than that—for example, you may not even be able to locate the party with the alleged interest in your property, which means you would have to submit a request to the court to provide service by publication—but that’s the basic idea. I’m experienced with these sorts of situations and can take this burden off of your shoulders so that you can concentrate on the things you want to be concentrating on…like what color drapes to have in your new house! As always, I’ll provide you with an upfront, flat-fee quote so that you can pay and be done. I look forward to your call!

–Joel Dendiu

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